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LA Times Book Award for Young Adult Literature. Boston Globe Horn Book Honor. Newbery Honor.
Winner of the Mythopoeic Award

"These are the titles that reignited our love for literature."

The Thief, by Megan Whalen Turner. "I began with Turner’s 1996 novel, which I’d loved in middle school but mostly forgotten. Set in a preindustrial Hellenistic world with a vividly imagined history and mythology, the book’s titular pickpocket, Gen, is a charming scoundrel who’s sprung from jail and drafted for a mysterious mission. The reasons why he travels across the country, and what his companions need a thief for, trickle out slowly alongside intrigue and banter. Turner’s story is heavy on politics and reality, which makes its mysterious supernatural implications irresistible. And when I reached the crucial, climactic twist that gives the entire journey a new meaning, the revelation of a character’s true identity and my giddy original discovery of it more than a decade ago rushed back. I immediately picked up its sequel, just as I had the first time around, and read all the way through the five other books in the series—ending with the serendipitously released 2020 conclusion, Return of the Thief." — The Atlantic Culture Desk. August 5, 2022

Return of the Thief Return of the Thief

Starred reviews: The Horn Book, School Library Journal,
and The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

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