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Megan Whalen Turner
Greenwillow. 2022.
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Book 1
The Thief
Book 2
The Queen of Attolia
Book 3
The King of Attolia
Book 4
A Conspiracy of Kings
Book 5
Thick As Thieves
Book 6
Return of the Thief
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Moira's Pen

Catalog Copy  

Journey to the world of the Queen’s Thief in this beautifully illustrated collection featuring bestselling and award-winning author Megan Whalen Turner’s charismatic and incorrigible thief, Eugenides. Discover and rediscover friends old and new and explore the inspiration behind Megan Whalen Turner’s rich world. A stunning and collectable volume to return to again and again.

This collectable companion to the New York Times-bestselling Queen’s Thief series is ideal for longtime fans as well as readers discovering Megan Whalen Turner’s epic and unforgettable world for the first time. The collection includes all of the author’s previously published short fiction set in the world of the Queen’s Thief as well as never-before-published stories, vignettes and excerpts, poetry and rhymes, a guide to inspiring objects from museums around the world, and a very special recipe for almond cake. The kings and queens of Eddis, Attolia, and Sounis all make unforgettable appearances as do beloved, and surprising characters from throughout the series and beyond. Meet Eugenides as a young boy in Breia’s Earrings and Irene as a young princess in The Princess and the Pastry Chef. The six novels in the acclaimed and bestselling Queen’s Thief series are rich with political machinations, divine intervention, dangerous journeys, battles lost and won, power, passion, and deception. This collectable volume features illustrations and decorations throughout, illustrated endpapers, a stunning full color jacket with embossed foil, gold stamping, a cast list, maps, and an introduction by the author.


"Engaging in Fiction: Megan Whalen Turner Explores New Corners of Her World in Moira’s Pen" Natalie Zutter on Tor.com.

Kirkus Review of Moira's Pen

A new window into the world of the Queen’s Thief series.

What reader has not wished to linger a little longer in the world of a beloved story? With a compendium of short stories and fragments—some previously published and some brand new—Turner invites her readers to do exactly that. With the close of Return of the Thief (2020), Eugenides and the other monarchs of the Little Peninsula returned triumphant from war and ready to embark on the happily-ever-after portions of their stories. This new installment doesn’t contradict that closure so much as deepen the story that preceded it. The entries, best appreciated by those already familiar with the earlier books, are ordered chronologically. They leap around in time, space, and style, bridging old narrative gaps and sketching out entirely new side roads that are ripe for exploration, while flitting between storytelling styles and voices. Interspersed with the morsels of story are reflections, flashes of memory, and fascinating historical context from the author. The result is a reading experience that is as cozy as it is expansive, answering questions even as it provokes more. The book is illuminated with precise, sumptuous, black-and-white illustrations by So’Oteh. Ethereal cursive commentary by Moira, messenger of the gods, is sprinkled throughout.

A gift fans of the series will treasure. (map, character list) (Fantasy. 13-18)

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