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Megan Whalen Turner
Instead of Three Wishes
Greenwillow, 1995
Instead of Three Wishes
original hardcover
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Instead of Three Wishes

A leprechaun is sighted in small–town New Hampshire. A city boy becomes a hero in prehistoric Sweden. An elf prince tries to reward a girl who wishes he'd just leave her alone. In these and other delightful stories, magical adventure appears in the most unexpected places!

Awards and Honors
Booklist Editors' Choice List, 1995 
Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award Master List, 1996-1997

Read an excerpt from the book.

“[T]he entry ‘Aunt Charlotte and the NGA Portraits’ is a standout. This carefully framed narrative unfolds slowly and suspensefully to reveal a series of puzzles, their settings ranging from an underpopulated island off North Carolina to Canaletto's Venice, their marvelous resolution followed by a denouement of near-equal magic. The inventiveness and control shown here augur well for Turner's future endeavors.”

“Turner does a fine job of creating time and place and imbues the selections with a mild humor that will elicit gentle chuckles and smiles.”

“Here’s an ebullient collection of seven stories, some magical and some not. The title story is about what happened when Selene met the elf prince, who had come into town to open a bank account. Delightful.”

“Each story is a perfectly crafted, captivating little gem; most demonstrate a dry sense of humor, and all have a dose of irony running through the author’s fluid prose. Nothing is overdone and not a word is out of place in this auspicious debut.”

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