Megan Whalen Turner
Firebird, 2003
edited by
Sharyn November
ISBN 978-0142501429
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An Anthology of Original Fantasy and Science Fiction

Here you will find a sparkling range of writing, from dark humor to high sword and sorcery to traditional ballads-something for every sort of reader. Finally, to make this anthology even more of a standout, it appears first as a deluxe, jacketed hardcover. Welcome to Firebirds—a must-have for fans of contemporary speculative fiction. 

This anthology includes my story, "The Baby in the Night Deposit Box."

“This impressive collection showcases an unusual diversity of styles, settings, and tone. November, editor of Penguin's Firebird imprint, has chosen wisely: each of these 16 tales has literary merit strong enough to transcend its respective micro-genre (heroic fantasy, fairy tale, magic realism, "feline fantasy," etc.). Highlights are many: … and the highlight, Megan Whalen Turner's "The Baby in the Night Deposit Box," shares much of the sly morality-play structure of the best Twilight Zone episodes. Uniformly mature and thoughtful, these stories are likely to appeal not only to imaginative children but adults as well.”

“This young-adult fantasy anthology presents 16 all-new stories by an impressive group of writers, and they did themselves proud with the tales presented here. Among the standouts: … Megan Whalen Turner’s ‘The Baby in the Night Deposit Box’ is delightfully absurd, mixing wry satire and classic fairy-tale elements. … Altogether, this is an outstanding anthology with plenty to appeal to fantasy readers of all ages.”

“[I]t’s a roundup of some excellent writers, with stories that range from the fantastic to the poignant, or even the subtly comic, such as Megan Whalen Turner’s ‘The Baby in the Night Deposit Box.’ I was up late sampling new offerings from the authors I grew up with, and rediscovering ones I’d almost forgotten. As with all anthologies, there's enough to appeal to everyone, but not all stories will appeal to every reader. However, it’s rare you'll get this much quality in one place. Firebirds isn’t just recommended, it’s practically essential reading for people who love this genre.”

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