The Thief

King of Attolia

Queen of Attolia

Conspiracy of Kings

A Conspiracy of Kings

New York Times Bestseller

Sophos is the very reluctant heir to the King of Sounis. He would prefer to read poetry, study philosophy, or count the ridges on grasshopper wings. But, what he wants doesn't matter . . . until the day all his responsibilities are taken away and he has a chance to decide his fate for himself.

"Turner continues her exquisite series with another rich story that examines peace, power, leadership, and loyalty. . . . [B]oth series newcomers and fans . . . will be waiting to grab this stand-out, stand-alone adventure, filled with all the expected intrigue and political machinations, from the shelves."

★The Horn Book
"Once again [Turner] displays an extraordinary ability to engage both brain and feeling at full force; to provide equally intellectual complexity, action, and inner psychological realms of intimacy and vulnerability--whether in romantic love or in friendship. She does this here brilliantly, ringing the changes on events, characters, and narrative strategies in the earlier novels with such success that having finished the book, one just wants to open it up and read it again."

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